One of the most exhilarating activities you can do while on Moreton Island is Sand Tobogganing or Sand Boarding. Sand tobogganing is similar to a large amusement ride at a theme park while sand boarding has been described as a cross between surfing and snow boarding.


Sand tobogganing sees the participants propelling themselves down a sand dune on a specially made sand board with a waxed bottom. The waxed bottom is used to provide less friction so the board propels down the sand hill giving the participant the thrill of a lifetime. You can sit on the board, lie down face first or for the real adventurous at heart, go backwards.

Sand Surfing is more for the thrill seekers at heart, as you stand up on the sand boards and attempt to “ride” the sand dune down to the bottom. Similar in some ways to snow boarding, sand surfing is an exhilarating way to propel yourself down Moreton’s sand dunes.

There are a number of places where you can experience sand tobogganing on Moreton Island including the Small Sand Hills, Big Sand Hills and The Desert. These areas have formed through natural erosion and are constantly changing on a daily basis, which ensures a smooth ride down, even at busy times.

The Small Sand hills and The Desert are an ideal location for beginners, young people and families and provide the perfect setting to learn your sand tobogganing skills. The small sand hills stretch right across the Island and provide many places to experience the thrill of flying down a sand hill.

The Big Sand hills are situated on the southern end of the island, just off the western beach. Some of these sand hills can be up to 90 metres high and not only can you have the thrill of a lifetime throwing yourself down the hill, you can also experience fantastic views of the beach and surrounding areas.

Experience the thrill of sand tobogganing on the 3 day Moreton Island adventure